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When do classes begin?

Classes begin early January every year. The MKU-EMBA has one class per year and the first Class began on January 9th 2014.

How many participants do you accept each year?

Classes are typically small and a lot of work is done in small groups (maximum of 30 participants each year).

At which location are the classes held?

All classes will be held at the serene and easily accessible Gracia Gardens Resort and Conference Center, located on Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani,Nairobi.


Is the program delivered by distance learning?

No. All class sessions are delivered face-to-face applying an interactive approach. Practical individual and team based real-life problem solving methods characterize the program delivery from day to day

What degree will I receive upon completing the program?

You will graduate with Executive Masters in Business Administration degree from Mount Kenya University and Copenhagen Business School Executive.

How is the EMBA program organized?

The Executive MBA has 3 modules that run for 17 months. The 1st module runs for 8 months, 2nd module 4 months and 3rd module completes in 5 months. The participants meet fortnightly on Friday, Saturday and Sundayfrom 8:30 am -4 pm.
A 3 day residential leadership retreat is organized during the 2nd module in which all participants are expected to attend.

How are the EMBA participants assessed?

Program modules are mainly assessed through written assignments and verbal presentations and defenses of projects. Individual performance is assessed through in-company assignments. To ensure maximum benefit, you will be asked to focus on your own organization and apply your new-found knowledge to existing challenges. Group assignments are graded on the total group effort.

What is the structure of the International Business Trip?

International business is a key module of the MKU-EMBA program. Groups will be assigned a client company and embark on creating a strategy to complete the international business expansion assignment. The exact location will be tailored to the needs of the client company.

Why do I have to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement before I start the program?

All participants and participating faculty are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We acknowledge that the company data you will have access to for in-company assignments is not necessarily in the public domain. We also recognize that the personal information you share during the leadership class is private. We would like to ensure that what you share is not disclosed to any party outside of the EMBA environment.

Can I drop out at the end of any module?

Yes. We recognize that a participant may not necessarily have the full 17 consecutive months to dedicate to the program. Participants have the flexibility to discontinue their studies but will be expected to resume within a certain time limit to gain the EMBA degree.

If I drop out at the end of a module, will I expect to gain any recognition?

Yes. At the end of module 1, a participant will expect to earn a post graduate certificate, a post graduate diploma on completion of module 2 and the Executive MBA degree at the end of the full program.

After obtaining Executive MBA Degree, can I proceed to PhD?

No. EMBA is considered a terminal degree that does not lead to PhD. MKU-EMBA is designed for business leaders who would like to fast-track job performance and reap the rewards that come with success.


Do I need to be employed to be admitted into the Executive MBA program?

Most CBS/MKU E-MBA participants are mid-level and senior managers of organizations and companies. However, the program also enrolls self-employed participants who are CEOs of their own companies.

What is a Supporting Organization or Company?

It is an organization or company the participant expects to be working with during the duration of the program, with access to financial &/or other data to enable completion of in-company business assignments. This could be the participants privately owned company or official employer.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. The EMBA Course Application fee is Ksh.4,000/=

Are there any prerequisites required?

Yes. Applicants without proven financial background must pass a bridging course in Financial Analysis and Management offered by the Equip Africa Institute -  Mount Kenya University.

When do the applications for the 2015/16 class start?

We are currently accepting appointments for the informal dialogue, the first step in the application process. Applications will close mid -December 2015.

Is an application interview required?

Yes. Two interviews are scheduled for every participant, an important part of the application process. First, a 60 minute informal dialogue  with the Program Coordinator to help you decide if the CBS-E/MKU EMBA is the right fit for your career goals, before you begin the formal application process. Secondly, a 45 minute admission dialogue with our EMBA Admission Panel to complete the formal admission process.

Will you consider my application if I do not have a degree?

Our program is intellectually demanding and the training received at the undergraduate level is considered appropriate preparation for masters' level academic study. We can consider applicants with special circumstances on an individual basis, but you will need to provide evidence of sufficient academic ability and a high level of professional experience to cope with the intellectual and applied demands of the program.

How do my extracurricular activities strengthen my application?

Your suitability for the course is likely to be enhanced by demonstrable evidence of participation in your community or extra-curricular activities that demonstrate your capability for strong communication, team-working skills and leadership roles within those activities.


What is the cost of the Executive MBA program?

Tuition prices are announced in the last quarter of each year. Current tuition prices per module are:

  • Module 1 = Kshs 300 000
  • Module 2 = Kshs 250 000
  • Module 3 = Kshs 300 000

Tuition includes meals during class weekend sessions. The 3-day residential leadership retreat and international travel expenses in module 2 are additional costs and must be covered by the student or sponsoring company.

How can I pay tuition?

Tuition fees can be paid by depositing cash in the MKU Bank Account as specified on the application form, wire transfers or bank drafts. We do not accept credit card payments for tuition fees.

Can I expect to pay in installments?

The payment schedule requires a 50% payment of the tuition per module before classes begin and balance due by 5th of the following month.

Do I have to be financially sponsored to be accepted to the program?

You do not need to be financially sponsored by your company in order to be eligible for the program. However, your company must sponsor you for the time away from work. A sponsorship letter is required so that we know your company is behind your decision to pursue an Executive MBA. The program is vigorous and demands a lot of your time, thus support from your employer in terms of time and understanding is essential to your success.

Are tuition fees different for non-Kenyan citizens?

No, fees for all Executive MBA students are the same.

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